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Tree Health Care and Advice


Len McKeown Tree Services offers you all the benefits of expert tree health care and advice. As a leading tree care team headed by a qualified and experienced arborist, we guarantee you tree health care and advice you can fully depend on for accuracy.

Did you know that trees never actually die of old age? Disease, pests, humans, lightening and storms are to blame! Len McKeown Tree Services works hard to preserve your trees wherever possible.

As we thoroughly assess your tree care needs, you’ll be rewarded with a tree management plan that ensures both the safety and longevity for your trees - for a beautiful garden you can enjoy over the years. Our Specialist Arborist Reports for local councils are second to none for attention to detail and accuracy.

As you may well know, simple tree maintenance techniques used on a regular basis such as correct pruning and disease protection techniques go a long way to ensuring your trees well-being. We also provide planting and plant selection advice to give your plants and trees the best possible start.

Contact Len McKeown Tree Services with any enquiries about our Tree Health Care and Advice and Tree Care Services. We’ll do our best for you and your garden.

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