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Tree and Stump Removal


Len McKeown Tree Services provides you with tree and stump removal services. Our dedicated team of highly experienced tree care professionals work hard to ensure the best possible outcome for all tree and stump removals for you and your garden.

When carrying out any tree and stump removal, we take the time to assess factors such as safety, tree health and your long term landscaping plans before taking any action.

As your tree work and garden care are our main priority, we not only guarantee that no other trees are damaged in the tree and stump removal process but also that both the tree and stump are completely removed.

As you may well know, an incomplete tree and stump removal is not only a tripping hazard but also likely to attract termites and pests to your garden - both best avoided by using our qualified arborist services at Len McKeown Tree Services.

Contact Len McKeown Tree Services with any enquiries about our Tree and Stump Removal and Tree Care Services. We’ll do our best for you and your garden.

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