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We hope you enjoy reading our blog. It's our passion and care for trees that inspires us to get up every day and do the very best for our clients and the environment.

Around the world there has always been a history of people and trees and a mutually supportive relationship. From farming to worship, our love of trees goes deep. The story of Adam and Eve and their bite of that apple that brought them banishment from the Garden of Eden is one many of us know and grew up with, and the importance of the fruit tree which represented abundance and fertility is part of many religions and cultures.

Ancient Egyptian mythology included the tale of two brothers; in the story a tree held the heart of a brother in a flower at its top; when the tree was cut down the brother died. This idea of a tree of life appears in folklore, fairy tales and worship around the world, and trees are a symbol to many people and cultures, celebrated in many ways. We celebrate festivals and special occasions with trees, and they are tied up in the history of many cultures.

From the Christmas tree that Christians decorate in our homes each year, the mythical Banyan tree – a magical fig tree – celebrated in Hinduism, to the sacred Bodhi tree in Buddhism, and the tree spirits worshipped in Druidism, trees appear again and again globally in our history.

Wishing trees can be found throughout Europe, where pagan rituals saw people tying favours, ribbons and trinkets to trees in the hope that the tree would bless people, bring luck and grant wishes. In Asia there are many important festivals that are celebrated under trees thick with blossom, petals snowing colour and perfume down on the festivities.

Away from our religious and cultural beliefs, in which trees so often appear, we also have a long relationship with trees as a source of survival. Trees have provided the wood for our homes, and for fuel. In many areas of the world entire communities still live in treetop houses; many more have used logs as building materials to build homes across the globe.

Entire forests were felled as the human race expanded and spread around the planet, and the effect of this deforestation is shown in global warming – and people are now beginning to understand the importance of sustainable sources of wood, planting new trees in place of those felled and protecting forests and woodlands.

Trees have also been cultivated to provide food for people, orchards springing up in gardens to grow fruit for communities, providing a huge range of foods, and the ingredients for some of the most delicious alcoholic beverages we can enjoy!

Trees also provide shelter, clean our air, remove the pollutants we create as a species, and are part of the important eco system that feeds the animals we breed for meat. Without much thought, trees are part of the everyday vocabulary that we use. We describe our ancestry as a family tree, we branch out when we want to try something new, and we incorporate trees as magical beings in new stories and films that we create.

It’s clear that trees are an important to us, and it seems that they will always be part of our survival, and our culture.

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