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We hope you enjoy reading our blog. It's our passion and care for trees that inspires us to get up every day and do the very best for our clients and the environment.

To remove difficult access trees . This is a topic where the skill of the Arborist is trained to deal with .

The challenge of difficult and confined access is what sets us apart when it comes to removing or pruning a tree in these difficult situations. The Arborist has a number of options at his or her disposal to tackle a situation like this .

In the past at Len McKeown Tree Service we have used a number of options in this case as the video will show we used a 60 tonne mobile crane. The Job was in Olinda Mt Dandenong Victoria at a bed and breakfast facility . The tree was a 75 meter mature Mountain Ash which had accommodation directly underneath the tree and had been dropping limbs and had been deemed unsafe and there fore needed removal. The job was undertaken over three days and utilised up to thirteen people to complete the works.

This was our safest and best option in this situation it still required good knowledge of rigging great care of the surrounds to see the job through.

In our industry there are all manner of rigging devices and specialist techniques we can employ to get a job done safely and with no damage . No damage being the key which is why we have been employed in the first place.

Our ropes our karabiners blocks climbing equipment harnesses each components is rated and certified to play a specific role in what we do . Staying up to date with the latest techniques and growing our knowledge is important making the the job safer and easier .

Quality people with a desire to learn and understand what we are trying to achieve with skills and customer service is our key to success.

Please if you have any questions or needs we can help you with please call 03 97362159 or go to our website www.lenmckeowntreeservice.com.au

For help with removing difficult access trees call Len McKeown Tree Services on number or visit our website at www.lenmckeowntreeservices.com.au

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